Engineering & Design

We are a company with a unique valve engineering know-how and more than 35 year of international experience: a well known company in the world on the Oil & Gas market.

We produces valves for onshore and offshore applications designed in accordance with the main international specifications like API 602/ISO 15761, API 600, BS 1868, BS 1873, BS 1414, API 6D and API 6A, BS 5351/ISO 17292, BS 6364.

Our product range is constantly expanding: we implemented an optimized manufacturing cycle and the highest quality standards in our range of gate (bolted , welded and pressure seal bonnet, wedge and through conduit), globe (including Y pattern, angle and needle), check (swing, piston and ball) and ball (floating and trunnion) valves.
All these valves are available for forged and cast steels to meet all sorts of customer requirements and specifications.

We specialize in high pressure applications (up to 20,000psi) and extreme service conditions typical of highly sour services, toxic (bellows seal) cryogenic (down to -196°C) and high temperature (up to 750°C).

Our engineering division works with parametric 3D software and the latest FEA utilities to validate the design.
An in-house R&D group perform intense test activities to prove the design before the product is commercialized.

Our products have been type tested at the presence of major end users and third party inspection authorities and our design activities are audited and certified to PED, API6D and API6A standards.


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