Gate, Globe and Check

Calobri has produced forged GGC since his early activities back in 40’s. The valves are manufactured to ISO 15761 - API 602 from ½” to 4”. Production range includes a wide range of material from austenitic stainless steel, low temperature carbon steel and high temperature Cr-Mo alloyed material; all exotics nickel based materials are available as well. We stock large volume of forgings in order to meet fast track deliveries.

Calobri Gate Globe and Check forged range of valves has different applications and products:

  • Refining and petrochemical industry: the manufacturing range include either standard valves or low fugitive emissions Bellows Sealed Gate, Straight pattern Globe and “Y” pattern Globe valves. 
  • Power and energy industries: Welded bonnet gate globe and check valves, Y pattern globe valves up to 4500 class. Parallel Slide Gate valves for steam service. materials used for high temperature services.
  • Cryogenic and low temperature LNG applications: includes valves with Extended bonnet in any austenitic stainless steel. Cryogenic test can be performed.

We can also supply API 600 Gate valves or API 623 globe valves both in forged or cast design from 2” up to 30”. All valves can be supplied valves with API 622 packing and API 624 tested.


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